About Ulinda Athletics Club

About Us

We Are More Than Just A Club,

We Are A Family!

Ulinda Athletics was established in 2015 by friends who share the love of athletics, and saw a critical need for the establishment of an organization that would develop athletics in the greater Springs area.


Members from these communities are welcome to join our club and benefit from the programmes that we have put in place to assist with goal achievement, whether it be physical fitness, losing a few kilos or to become a professional athlete.

Our Core Values

Because we are family, family values make up a large part of our core value system. These include, respect, integrity, compassion, commitment and professionalism. We like to think of ourselves as a highly organized institution that places professionalism as the cornerstone of everything that we do.

About Our Name

Ulinda is the Ndebele name for the Honey Badger. We have carefully selected this name, as we believe that the characteristics of this small, yet feisty animal apply equally to the sport of athletics. These characteristics include resilience, being focused to the end, fearlessness, persistence and a never-say-die-attitude. These are the traits that we expect our athletes to live up to.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the dominant force in the field of athletics whilst promoting a healthy and disciplined lifestyle for all our members in the communities that we serve.



To be a catalyst for our members to achieve their goals and aspiration through enabling:


  • the development of up and coming athletes.
  • the creation of a pool of athletes to compete at National and International level.
  • the creation and support of a pool of elite and professional athletes.
  • the development of trainers and coaches.

Executive Team

Our executive team brings with them a wealth of experience spanning across a wide range of disciplines both in the public and private sector. It is due to this skill set that we are able to plan, coordinate, execute athletic structures and disciplines.

Priscilla Khumalo


Dingane Hlatshwayo


Priscilla Thipe


Musa Mamabolo


Joyce Legadima


Lulu Mamabolo

Club Organizer